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12/16/01 - Light Weapons
The concept of using light as a weapon sounds like science fiction. But light-based weapons exist today--and you can buy one.

12/03/01 - Top Cult Martial Arts Movies
These martial arts movies retain a cult following, either because they're really good...or really bad. Either way, any of them make fabulous entertainment.

11/19/01 - Most Influential Martial Arts Movies
These movies are notable not just for great martial arts stories, but because of the impact they had on viewers and on the film industry. Did you start training in the martial arts because of Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi? Or because of Bruce Lee?

10/29/01 - Tokushu Keibo: The Telescopic Baton
The stick is one of the most elementary martial arts weapons. With the advent of the telescopic baton though, it becomes a space-age self-defense tool.

10/16/01 - New Books/Videos This Month
Reviews of the latest books and videos.

10/08/01 - The Kempo FAQ
About Martial Arts now hosts a mirror of Mark Urbin's Kempo FAQ.

09/24/01 - Hijacker Trained in Martial Arts
Suspected hijacker Ziad Jarrahi, also onboard Flight 93, trained in street-fighting while living in Florida.

09/20/01 - Judoka Jeremy Glick: American Hero
Judo champion Jeremy Glick was onboard Flight 93, the aircraft that crashed into rural Pennsylvania.

09/11/01 - Knives on Planes
The hijackers who crashed a jumbo jet into the World Trade Center were armed with knives. How could someone take a knife onboard a plane, and what could a passenger do about it?.

09/10/01 - New Books/Videos This Month
Reviews of the latest books and videos.

08/27/01 - Knife Fighting
Knife fighting has gone mainstream. Read about the new popularity of the bladed weapon, and find resources for training.

08/13/01 - Distance Training: The Concept of Maai
Controlling maai, or the distance/timing/reach inherent in combat, is essential for victory.

07/30/01 - Meet Frank Dux
Frank Dux is one of the most controversial martial artists around. He's the real-life martial artist portrayed by Jean Claude Van Damme in the movie "Bloodsport". But some folks think he's a fake. Here's what Dux himself has to say.

07/16/01 - Family Feuding: Fighting as a Team 2
The family that fights together survives together...

07/02/01 - Why Kids Should Study Martial Arts
Hey kids! Trying to get Mom and Dad to let you take martial arts lessons? Show 'em this article.

06/18/01 - Tonfa: Modern Martial Arts Weapon
The tonfa, one of Okinawan kobujutsu's traditional weapons, lives on today as a modern police tool.

06/04/01 - Learn Karate From Book?
Can you really learn karate, or any other martial art, from a book?

05/21/01 - Treating Martial Arts Injuries
I injured my elbow in my recent workout. Here's what I'm doing to heal the injury and get back to training.

05/07/01 - Empty Your Cup of Tea II
No matter how experienced you are in the martial arts, there's always something new to learn.

04/23/01 - Attitude Adjustment
Learn to change your attitude in an instant, and you'll improve your training.

04/09/01 - Plyometrics: Building Explosive Power
Plyometrics have been used for decades by Olympic strength and track athletes, as well as professional basketball and volleyball players. Here's some plyometric exercises that can help martial artists jump higher and kick harder.

03/26/01 - Stop School Violence with Martial Arts
Training in the martial arts gives kids self-esteem and confidence, traits that were lacking in recent school shooters. If they had studied martial arts, could these massacres been avoided?

03/12/01 - Bando: Burma's Art of the Boar
Burma, now known as Myanmar, is the source of one of the world's most effective martial arts--bando.

02/26/01 - Internal vs. External
Martial artists distinguish between arts by classifying them as either internal or external. Which one does your art fall into?

02/12/01 - The Force Continuum
The force continuum arranges the levels of force you can use in a violent situation into a spectrum of alternatives. Choose wisely to avoid trouble.

01/29/01 - Thank You For Hitting Me
When you get hit during sparring practice, don't get mad, be thankful!

01/15/01 - Limit Yourself For Growth
By purposely limiting your abilities during training, you'll find that you'll improve your skills.

01/01/01 - Make Those New Year's Resolutions
Another year has gone by--time to reflect on your accomplishments from the past twelve months, and focus on your goals for next year. What do you want to achieve?

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