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Knife Fighting
Part 1: Training in knife fighting has become extremely popular.
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Knife fighting is rapidly becoming the next big craze in modern combat arts.

It wasn't too long ago when carrying a knife, and using it in combat, was strictly the domain of the criminal. Countless movies depicted this: as with the "evil" switchblades in the classic movies "West Side Story" or "Rebel Without a Cause."

Yet today, Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu, the "Time" and "Newsweek" of the martial arts world, devote full articles to the subject. And it's not uncommon to see the telltale clips of tactical folders on your dojomates' pockets when they walk in off the street. Why has knife fighting become so popular?

I think knife carrying (and training to use a knife) has become popular due to the fact that a knife is the only lethal weapon that can be carried legally concealed in many areas. Some state or national governments regulate firearm ownership and usage. Many do not allow guns to be carried for defensive purposes at all. Without a knife, a person would be left without the ability to use the top end of the force continuum: lethal force.

Major firearm manufacturers, such as Colt, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and even Europe's Walther and Beretta, sell knives branded with their logos. Faced with the possibility of losing the right to sell guns, or for their customers to buy guns, these companies are branching out to other weapons.

Knives, even evil-looking "tactical" models, are easily purchased at the local mall, swap meet, or through mail-order catalogs. No license is needed, and knives aren't subject to registration like firearms.

As martial artists, we've all trained for the possibility of facing a knife-wielding attacker. Yet to learn how to use a knife against someone, where can you study?

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