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Judoka Jeremy Glick: American Hero
Judo champion Glick was onboard United Flight 93

Photo courtesy Vividence Corp., used with permission.
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"If anyone was equipped to do it, it was Jeremy.. he was not only a big, muscular guy, he was also a black belt in judo...a former champion. The hijackers had no idea what they were up against!"
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Terror Onboard Flight 93

Details about the September 11 terrorist attacks are still coming in, but much is now known about United Flight 93--the aircraft that crashed in rural Pennsylvania. Passengers onboard the craft called loved ones from airphones, not only to express last wishes and goodbyes, but to find out what was going on in New York and Washington D.C. A group of passengers banded together to fight back against the terrorists and retake the plane. Judo champion Jeremy Glick was part of that heroic team.

Glick, a 31-year old salesman for the California-based Vividence corporation, telephoned his wife Lyzbeth from the plane to say goodbye. With law enforcement authorities on the line, he told her that hijackers armed with knives had taken over the plane. After confirming that other planes had crashed into the World Trade Center, Glick told his wife that he and other passengers were going to fight back.

Glick was the 1993 U.S. national collegiate judo champion in the 220-pound class. Fighting for the University of Rochester (New York), Glick was self-coached, but still made it to the championship. His childhood sensei, Nagayasu Ogasawa, remarks, "Three people with knives? It would've been no problem for him."

Pennsylvania senators Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter have suggested bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the passengers that prevented Flight 93 from striking a ground target like the White House or the US Capitol. Even without medals, the world will remember the heroic acts of Glick and his fellow passengers on Flight 93.

Jeremy Glick Memorial Fund

According to the Website of Jeremy Glick's employer, Vividence, a trust fund has been established in the names of Jeremy Glick's wife and daughter.

Contributions may be made in the form of checks payable to "Jeremy Glick Memorial Fund."

Checks should reference account number 3300314192 and be mailed to the following address:

Silicon Valley Bank
Attention: Farrah Conanan
3003 Tasman Drive, Mailsort HF 280
Santa Clara, California 95054

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