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Family Feuding: Fighting as a Team, Part 2
Part 1: The family that fights together, survives together.
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A while back I wrote about training to fight as a team--if you already train with someone that you hang out with outside the dojo, it makes sense to be ready to fight together. In the dojo, you and your partner can practice defending against single or multiple assailants--if you ever have to defend yourself out on the street, you'll know what to do to stay out of each other's way.

As more and more kids get into the martial arts, parents are finding that joining in the classes beats sitting around in the waiting area, watching their kids have all the fun. With the whole family trained, it's a good idea to plan your actions if attacked.

Start by assessing what types of situations your family might encounter. Unless you're rich and famous, it's doubtful that kidnappers will try to take your kids from you by force. More likely, you'll be dealing with road rage or random street violence. Maybe you'll be accosted by thugs when traveling overseas. Or on a long road trip, some smarmy characters might threaten your teenage daughter. What will you do?

Awareness is key to defusing situations before they get violent. As discussed in an earlier article, you should be in "condition yellow" if there could be any threat around you. Driving a car--you should be in Yellow. Walking to your car in a parking lot--you should be in Yellow. Should some problem occur, you can react faster if you're ready.

In robbery situations, it's probably best to give up the cash or luggage those goblins are after rather than expose your kids to a potentially dangerous situation. But if violence is inevitable, get your family ready for the fight.

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