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New Books/Videos This Month
Take-home training, in convenient book/video format.

Maybe you can't "learn karate from book", but some books, CDROMs, and videos make great training aids. We check them out for you here at About Martial Arts, and find the best content out there.

Here's what's new this month.

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Cover photo of Legacy of Steel videotape Legacy of Steel is a two-tape set that gives you a taste of James Keating's Riddle of Steel training camp. Keating's organization, COMTECH, teaches knife fighting and defense as well as improvised weapons combatives. Keating's seminar covers all of these topics, and the tapes give good overviews of each day's lessons. More...
Sensei Gary Hellman, head instructor at Tiger Schulmann's Karate in Clearwater, Florida, wrote and illustrated this charming book for karate kids.


Cover artwork for The Karate Way
Cover artwork for Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts Sean Cochran, a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)-certified specialist and a taekwondo blackbelt, provides extensive information about physical training in this new book. Cochran draws upon his experience as a major league baseball conditioning coach to improve fundamental skills like flexibility, strength, and explosiveness. More...
Lots of folks write me and ask how they can travel to China or Japan and train in their art in the country of its origin. Many have attained black belt level in their country, and wonder just how they can find a place to train in "the old country".

David Jones, professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Central Florida, has charted it all out now, at least for Japanese martial arts. More...

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