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10/21/02 - Switch Your a Fast Opener
Fast openers are folding knives with spring-assisted opening--essentially, legal switchblades.

10/07/02 - Back to School Security
Is your teen moving away to college? Learn ways to keep your child safe from crime when living away from home.

9/16/02 - Martial Arts Weblog: Pilots get their guns, Part Deux
The Arming Pilots Against Terrorists Act clears a major hurdle by passing through the Senate, by a vote of 87-6

9/02/02 - Sparring with Newbies
You can still learn a lot when your instructor has you spar with a beginner. Try these tips the next time you spar a newbie.

8/26/02 - Martial Arts Weblog: Judo Team Takes Out Carjacker, "The Ode to General Choi" MP3
One LA crook wishes he didn't try to carjack the Florida International University judo team's van--and, how to get the latest MP3 sensation, the taekwondo song "The Ode to General Choi."

8/19/02 - Judging Scandal in Olympic Taekwondo
Figure skating isn't the only Olympic sport marred by scandal--the taekwondo world is reeling from allegations of tainted judging in Sydney

8/05/02 - Martial Arts Weblog: Technique of the Every-So-Often
Technique of the Week returns, this time as Technique of the Every-So-Often. Check out Mike Jen's great Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques

7/22/02 - Protecting Children from Violence
Recent abductions of little girls have terrified the nation. Learn tips and strategies to help keep kids safe

7/15/02 - Martial Arts Weblog: Kung Fu Mixer, Bruce Lee documentary, Pilots get their guns
We comment on the restoration of "Game of Death"'s climactic fight scenes and the passage of the Arming Pilots Against Terrorists Act

7/08/02 - Fighting Multiple Attackers
Taking on multiple opponents is downright scary. It's even more terrifying if you haven't trained against multiple attackers. Get yourself ready.

6/24/02 - Head-to-Head Review: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Books
Two new books on Brazilian jiu-jitsu have hit the shelves. Find out which one was the winner in our first Head-to-Head comparison.

6/10/02 - What's Your Fighting Style?
Most people fight as one of the following styles: slugger, blitzer, counterpuncher, runner, sniper, or all-around. Which one are you?

5/27/02 - Always Attack...Even When You Are Defending
A simple mindset change can really improve your fighting ability.

4/29/02 - Product Review: Spyderco Delica
I've carried a Spyderco knife every day for the past 15 years. Here's why.

3/31/02 - Dim Real
Modern medicine finds basis for the ninja death touch.

2/16/02 - Todd Hays: The Kickboxing Bobsledder
How does an Olympic athlete get caught up in the dog-eat-Dog Brother world of No Holds Barred (NHB) fighting? Simple. He needed the money.

1/11/02 - Walk Away
What started as an argument between two proud parents ended up with one boy's dad dead, and the other convicted of involuntary manslaughter. It didn't have to be this way.

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