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12/28/99 - Celebrity Martial Artists, Part 2: Elvis Presley
The Entertainer of the Century was also a serious martial artist.

12/16/99 - Bruce Lee's $45,000 Book
Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping: a $45,000 book from Bruce Lee's library.

12/12/99 - Choosing a Martial Arts School
Choosing the right martial arts school is just as important as choosing which martial art to study.

11/28/99 - Does Size Really Matter?
Does size really matter in the martial arts? Well, sometimes it does.

11/14/99 - What is a Black Belt?
Your Guide gets promoted to black belt, and muses on the meaning of this promotion.

11/07/99 - Abs Every Day
Strong abdominal muscles are essential to the martial arts. Here's why.

10/20/99 - Bear Wrestling: The Next Ultimate Fighting Craze?
Southern California is in a heap o' controversy over this event pitting man versus bear.

10/04/99 - 1999 World Tae Kwon Do Championships
Results and observations from the June 1999 World TKD Championships, broadcast recently on cable television.

09/27/99 - Choosing a Martial Art
Selecting which martial art to study is a very personal choice.

09/12/99 - Nunchaku: Weapon as Movie Star
You just can't have a martial arts movie without those mean fighting chocko sticks.

08/29/99 - Celebrity Martial Artists, Part 1
Not all celebrity martial artists are the ones you see in the movies. How about football players, politicians, or a guy named Elvis?

08/14/99 - Attending a Martial Arts Seminar
Fun, inspiring, and educational, martial arts seminars are great training investments.

08/01/99 - Gatka: Martial Art of the Sikhs
Gatka is one of the most esoteric, yet most effective, martial arts around.

06/14/99 - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Learn all about this popular ground grappling art.

06/08/99 - Empty Your Cup of Tea
To learn anything, but especially martial arts, it's best to cultivate a beginner's mind.

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