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Take-home training, in convenient book/video format.

Maybe you can't "learn karate from book", but some books, CDROMs, and videos make great training aids. We check them out for you here at About Martial Arts, and find the best content out there.

Here's what's new this month.

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Cover photo of The Deadliest Men The Deadliest Men is a collection of short biographies, each profiling the life and adventures of a famous (and in some cases, not-so-famous) combatant. Each person (as some of these "Deadliest Men" are women) persevered in personal combat. More...
Police Kung Fu's author, Sifu Man Kam Lo, was once a student of wing chun grandmaster Yip Man. He's adapted his wing chun to police work, becoming the chief instructor for divisions of Taiwan's police and self-defense forces.


Cover artwork for Safe At Home Paladin Press' new video, Safe At Home, vividly shows you the realities of defending your home. Famed firearms instructor Louis Awerbuck walks the viewer through several scenarios, and covers what you need to know in each example. Awerbuck, formerly Chief Rangemaster at the renowned Gunsite shooting academy, knows his stuff, and teaches in a straight-talking style. More...

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