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From 1999 to 2003, I was the Guide for the Martial Arts site. I'd publish a magazine-length feature article every 2 weeks and got to cover all aspects of the martial arts. Personally, I find myself most interested in the self-defense aspects, and that's usually what I'll post on

But if you're interested in some of the old articles previously found at, here they are:

Favorite Articles

Meet Frank Dux
The most-requested article on the site. I think it gives a fair account of the controversy surrounding Dux and his responses. What do I think? Dux got screwed. Read for yourself.

Meet Amy Tong
I asked Amy if guys get intimidated that she's an Olympic judo player. Amy chuckles. "Yeah, sometimes. The girls on the SJSU judo team go out together--like to a club--and when guys find out we're on the judo team, they're like, 'Whoa!'".

The Force Continuum
The force continuum arranges the levels of force you can use in a violent situation into a spectrum of alternatives. Choose wisely to avoid trouble.

Limit Yourself For Growth and Sparring with Newbies
That fighting with one arm tied behind your back thing from the recent movie Redbelt? We've done similar things too, ever since the 1980s. But that marble idea was a nice touch.

Combatives: Military Martial Arts
I never got around to doing the follow-up to this article, on the then-new USMC martial arts program. Camo belt, anybody?

Getting That Kung Fu Grip
Yes, the title came first. But there's still some really good exercises in this one.

Does Size Really Matter?
Yup, thought up the title first for this one too. And the answer is the same: "It Depends".

Choosing a Martial Art/School

Choosing a School: The Visit
Our last segment of the Choosing a Martial Art series describes what to look for when visiting that martial arts school for the first time.

Choosing a Martial Arts School
Choosing the right martial arts school is just as important as choosing which martial art to study.

Choosing a Martial Art
Selecting which martial art to study is a very personal choice.

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Articles by subject...

Self-Defense and Security Philosophy Strategy and Tactics

Attending a Martial Arts Seminar

Choosing a Martial Art

What is a Black Belt?

Does Size Really Matter?

Empty Your Cup of Tea

Mind over Matter

It's a Small, Small Martial Arts World

Color Coding Your Combat Readiness

Doubles: Fighting as a Team

Fighting Arts Weapons Pop Culture Training




Nunchaku: Weapon as Movie Star

Wooden Weapons of Hawaiian Lua


Bruce Lee

Happy Birthday, Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee: A Retrospective

Movie Stars

Martial Arts Actors: Where Are They Now? Sho Kosugi, Jim Kelly, and Cynthia Rothrock

Martial Arts Styles of the Rich and Famous: Chuck Norris, Jacky Chan, and Stephen Segal

Celebrity Martial Artists, Part 1

Bruce Lee's $45,000 Book

Celebrity Martial Artists, Part 2: Elvis Presley


Practice Is Where You Find It


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


What the heck?

Bear Wrestling: The Next Ultimate Fighting Craze?


Abs Every Day

Getting That Kung Fu Grip


Gatka: Martial Art of the Sikhs

Lua: The Hawaiian Art of Bone Breaking

Wooden Weapons of Hawaiian Lua



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Charlie's Angels is a Real Kick




Combatives: Military Martial Arts


Video Games

Martial Arts in Video Games


Martial Arts for Dummies

Basics Kids Sport Reviews

Choosing a Martial Art


Attending a Martial Arts Seminar

Choosing a Martial Arts School

Choosing a School: The Visit


What is a Black Belt?

Does Size Really Matter?

Bullets and Black Belts: Myths of the Martial Arts

Choosing a Martial Art

Choosing a Martial Arts School


Amy Tong: One Tough Olympic Wahine


11th World Kendo Championships

Tae Kwon Do

1999 World Tae Kwon Do Championships

Sydney Olympics 2000

Introduction to Olympic Martial Arts

USA Sydney 2000 Olympics Judo Team

Olympic Watch - Fencing: Upsets and Controversy as Fencing Finishes

Olympic Watch - Taekwondo: U.S. Wins TKD Gold

Olympic Watch - Taekwondo: Poe Loses in First Round

Olympic Watch - Judo: How Did Amy Do?

Olympic Watch - Judo: Yoshida Breaks Elbow, Randall Too Passive, Schutz Scores Upset

Olympic Watch-Judo: Pedro Falls, Britain TP'd





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