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12/23/00 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
This artsy blockbuster is a fabulous martial arts movie.

12/11/00 - Gifts for the Martial Artist
Looking for a great gift for that special martial artist? Here's some fun ideas.

11/27/00 - Happy Birthday, Bruce Lee!
Bruce Lee was born 60 years ago on November 27, 1940.

11/20/00 - Bruce Lee: A Retrospective
Visit San Francisco's exhibit looking back at the life of the Little Dragon.

11/06/00 - Charlie's Angels is a Real Kick
"The Angels aren't going to use guns--they'll use kung fu," proclaimed producer and star Drew Barrymore when production started on Charlie's Angels. How good of a martial arts movie is it?

10/29/00 - Martial Arts in Video Games
Martial arts video games are more popular than ever, especially after the launch of the new Sony PlayStation 2.

10/09/00 - It's a Small, Small Martial Arts World
The martial arts are truly the world's unifying sport.

09/29/00 - Olympic Watch - Fencing: Upsets and Controversy as Fencing Finishes
News and commentary on the Olympic fencing tournament: Unknowns rise to the occasion, and team matches end in drama.

09/28/00 - Olympic Watch - Taekwondo: U.S. Wins TKD Gold
News and commentary on the Olympic taekwondo tournament: Just a day after Kay Poe's heartbreaking loss, American Steven Lopez takes home the gold medal.

09/27/00 - Olympic Watch - Taekwondo: Poe Loses in First Round
News and commentary on the Olympic taekwondo tournament: Kay Poe, the American who made the team after a gracious gesture of friendship, lost in the first round of competition.

09/22/00 - Olympic Watch - Judo: How Did Amy Do?
News and commentary on the Olympic judo tournament: Cuba's women dominate; Amy and Sandy's results.

09/20/00 - Olympic Watch - Judo: Yoshida Breaks Elbow, Randall Too Passive, Schutz Scores Upset
News and commentary on the Olympic judo tournament: World champions get upset in Sydney; one breaks his elbow on the mat.

09/18/00 - Olympic Watch-Judo: Pedro Falls, Britain TP'd
News and commentary on the Olympic judo tournament: USA medal hope Jimmy Pedro defeated, Britain's Debbie Allan ruled "overweight" at 115 pounds.

09/11/00 - Amy Tong: One Tough Olympic Wahine
Meet Amy Tong, the U.S. women's judo team fighter ready for battle at the Sydney Olympics.

08/28/00 - Doubles: Fighting as a Team
Tennis can be played as a team sport, where two players battle it out against two other players. The martial arts can work this way too.

08/14/00 - Martial Arts Styles of the Rich and Famous
Chuck. Jackie. Seagal. They're kings of the martial arts entertainment world now, but they had to start somewhere. What martial arts did they choose?

07/24/00 - Let's Watch the Olympics!
The Sydney Olympics begins in just a few days, showcasing the best in the world. Fencing, judo, and now tae kwon do are the Olympic martial arts, and we've got viewer's guides for all three.

07/10/00 - Color Coding Your Combat Readiness
Defensive tactics experts use a color coding system to identify the levels of combat readiness. Learn why it's a good thing to be "yellow" in this week's feature.

06/28/00 - Choosing a School: The Visit
Our last segment of the Choosing a Martial Art series describes what to look for when visiting that martial arts school for the first time.

06/12/00 - Mind over Matter
The fabled mind control techniques of the martial arts aren't just limited to mystical legends or venerable grandmasters. You too can use simple techniques like mental rehearsal and scenario visualization to power up your martial arts training.

05/26/00 - Martial Arts for Dummies
When you need a training partner that's always there, and never complains no matter how hard you hit it, you need a dummy.

05/14/00 - Practice Is Where You Find It
Sometimes the most mundane household tasks can become good martial arts practice.

04/30/00 - Bullets and Black Belts: Myths of the Martial Arts
Do martial artists train to dodge bullets? Some already catch arrows--can dodging bullets be that far off?

04/14/00 - Combatives: Military Martial Arts
Many martial arts have their roots in military combat training. Take a look at several recent examples, including krav maga, ROSS, SAMBO, san shou, and tukong moosul.

03/29/00 - 11th World Kendo Championships
Exciting action at the recent World Kendo Championships. We've got the results and tons of photos.

03/10/00 - Martial Arts Actors: Where Are They Now?
Whatever happened to Sho Kosugi, Jim Kelly, and Cynthia Rothrock?

02/28/00 - Getting That Kung Fu Grip
A strong grip is important in any sport, but is essential for martial arts success.

02/14/00 - Wooden Weapons of Hawaiian Lua
Without steel to construct spears and swords, the ancient Hawaiians built weapons of wood.

01/31/00 - Lua: The Hawaiian Art of Bone Breaking
The ancient Hawaiians used lua in bloody battles for control of neighbor islands.

01/03/00 - USA Sydney 2000 Olympics Judo Team
The roster for the U.S. Olympic judo team has been announced.

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