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What's Your Fighting Style?
Most fighters fall into one of these categories.
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Most people fight in one of the following styles:

  • slugger
  • blitzer
  • counterpuncher
  • runner
  • sniper
  • all-around

Which One Are You?

When you know your fighting style you recognize your limitations and weaknesses. You'll see yourself as others see you.

How can you overcome the limitations of your fighting style? Perhaps you can purposely train in another "style"--if you normally are a blitzer, try a few rounds as a counterpuncher. If you're a runner, try to make yourself stay in one place and slug it out. Even if you're extremely uncomfortable fighting in another style, at least you can find elements of that style that will help you fight better.

What Style is Your Opponent?

Read the definitions of each style in this article. Once you identify your opponent's style, use that knowledge to set him or her up for your techniques. You'll know which techniques will work and which ones need work.

In future articles, we'll cover strategies for fighting each style--for example, if you're a slugger, how to chase down runners, or bait snipers into coming in for a good pounding.

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