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Protecting Children from Violence
How to keep kids safe.

Three Victims

In Orange County, California, five-year old Samantha Runnion is lured into a man's car just outside her family's apartment. Her beaten and sexually assaulted body is found the next day on the side of a rural road.

14-year old Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped June 5, 2002
14-year old Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped June 5, 2002
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In San Diego, seven-year old Danielle van Dam is abducted from her home, allegedly by a male neighbor known to the family. Her body is found three weeks later.

In Salt Lake City, 14-year old Elizabeth Smart is abducted from her bedroom. She is still missing.

As a parent of a baby girl, these news stories impact me deeply. What kind of world have I brought my daughter into? And how, as her father, can I protect her from what's out there?

Protecting the Gift

One person with an answer is security guru Gavin de Becker, the leading expert on prediction and prevention of violence. Mr. de Becker designed the threat assessment systems for the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, the Governor of California, and many Hollywood stars.

Gavin de Becker's book, "Protecting the Gift", is all about protecting children from violence. Mr. de Becker's book contains several contrarian views about ways to keep kids safe, but through vivid examples and a wealth of statistical and case experience, shows how these really do work.

One such bit of contrarian advice is refuting the rule "Never talk to strangers." On the contrary, says de Becker in "Protecting the Gift": kids should talk to strangers.

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