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Keep your teen safe at college.

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• Part 2: Security Audit
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• Part 4: Sexual Assault
• Part 5: On-Campus Training

The onset of fall marks another school year, with many kids going away to school for the first time.

Whether it's television's Felicity moving from bucolic California to wild and wooly New York City or your own teenage daughter, this first move away from home can be wonderfully exciting.

Your teen will be living away from home for the first time, meeting lots of new people, with new things to learn and plenty of new freedoms.

But as a parent, you might find your kid's move away to school to be worrisome. Read on for tips and ideas to help keep your teen safe.

Some of these tips might be geared toward teenage girls--it's a sad fact of modern life that teen girls are often the prey of sexual and violent criminals. But secure living on campus is a goal for all students, male and female.

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