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What's Your Fighting Style?
Sluggers like to get in your face.
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Sluggers Stand Their Ground

Sluggers like to stand toe-to-toe with someone and trade blows. Most sluggers don't mind getting hit, if it means they get to land a few choice shots on you.

Body Type

Sluggers tend to be big and strong. They can take a lot of punishment, and love to dish it out too.

Favorite Techniques

A slugger will use strong, powerful techniques, like a reverse punch or front kick. Sluggers love to get inside with strong, short-range attacks like reverse punches, elbow and knee strikes, and hook or uppercut punches.

Grappling "sluggers" will attempt to gain the mount position early, in order to pound their opponent below.

Movement and Distance

Sluggers don't get pushed around (e.g. unbalanced) easily, because they're not moving very much. A lot of sluggers will stand in a rooted stance, using their base for powerful strikes. If they do move at all, it's not very fast and not very far--perhaps just a step in any direction. They'll prefer lateral movement so they can keep their weapons on target.

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