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What's Your Fighting Style?
Counterpunchers wait for the right moment, then launch their attacks.
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Give Me Something To Work With

Counterpunchers wait for their opponent to make a move, then they react to that technique with a counterattack of their own.

A good counterpuncher anticipates the opponent's attack by reading the opponent's style. A great counterpuncher makes her opponent attack the way she wants by baiting or throwing feints. Once the opponent launches the technique, the counterpuncher relies on his or her anticipation, timing, or positional advantage to strike.

Body Type

Counterpunchers are found among all body types. Many are not really big (so that they don't get in their own way), and not really small (so they don't worry about staying within range).

Favorite Techniques

Counterpunchers are adept at slipping, parrying, or evading blows so they can move in with attacks of their own. Attacks are often circular, to get around an incoming technique. Watch out for those high roundhouse or hook kicks. Or, if gifted with superior timing, they can throw linear techniques, like a side kick past a chambered leg.

Grappling counterpunchers know all the counters to all the techniques. Going for a throw? The counterpuncher will try to reverse you and land on top. You think you're setting up that armbar pretty well? You'll soon be asking yourself, hey, how did he end up on top of me?

Movement and Distance

A counterpuncher will use a lot of evasive movement, but won't go too far. Counterpunchers want to be able to quickly come right back in for their own attack.

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