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What's Your Fighting Style?
Blitzers come in strong.
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Blitzers Love to Charge It

Blitzers come in aggressively, rushing toward you throwing dozens of punches and kicks. You see a lot of blitzers in tournament competition--at the first syllable of "Hajime!" they've launched themselves forward. Blitzers are often sluggers who are too impatient to wait for their victims--er, opponents--to come in.

On the street, a blitzer is a scary opponent to face, because of the speed and ferocity of his initial attack.

Body Type

As with sluggers, blitzers tend to be big and strong, but they're also very fast.

Favorite Techniques

A blitzer throws a lot of fast techniques, both from the top (punches) and bottom (kicks). ABC (Attack By Combination) is their credo, and you'll see a lot of jab-straight-cross up high and front-spinning back-roundhouse down low. Their goal is to keep you backpedaling--right out of the ring.

Grappling blitzers will shoot in under your arms for a quick takedown.

A lot of the blitzer's technique is bluff--winning through intimidation. If you're surprised by the speed and intensity of their blitz, you can't maintain an effective attack yourself. Plus, that blitz looks good to the judges.

Movement and Distance

Blitzers blitz. They'll march in a straight line right through you if possible. As for distance, well, it's more an issue for you--do you have the space to get out of their way?

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