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What's Your Fighting Style?
Snipers use their long-range weapons to strike you from a distance.
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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Snipers are often mistaken for runners, until they land a big shot on you from way-out-there. Snipers will evade attacks rather than block, and you'll often find yourself chasing them around the ring. However, a sniper's goal is not to survive by evading you, but to take you out with long-range attacks. Tall runners who grow confident with their skills often become snipers.

Body Type

Snipers usually have a reach advantage over their opponent. While your kicks and punches are striking air, her jabs are landing on your chin. Like Manute Bol versus The Fridge, those long arms and legs are the sniper's weapons of choice.

Favorite Techniques

Snipers throw fast, long-range, effective techniques that take advantage of their reach. Punchers throw a lot of jabs, while kickers will use high front and side kicks. These techniques are usually linear in nature, in order to quickly reach their target while it is still just within range.

Movement and Distance

Snipers will backpedal a lot, but will also use side-to-side movement at the limit of your effective range. From outside that perimeter, they'll throw their attacks.

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