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What's Your Fighting Style?
Runners use elusive, evasive movement.
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Come Back Here, I'm Trying to Hit You

Runners are elusive, evasive fighters who don't like to get hit. Sometimes they're just scared. When you move in for an attack, they backpedal or side step out of range. While counterpunchers do this too, the counterpuncher will come right back in for their own attack--the runner will keep running away.

Body Type

Runners are typically slight of build, so they're fast on their feet and wary of taking punishment. Many beginners who doubt their fighting ability are often runners.

Favorite Techniques

Runners don't attack much, but when they do, it's typically a long range attack like a jab or front kick. Runners often throw techniques while moving backward, so they might not have as much power behind the technique as one of the other styles.

The best runners let you chase them around until: a., you get tired and they come in for an easy win, or b., you overcommit on a technique and they take your unbalanced, out-of-control butt down. At this point though, most runners have evolved into counterpunchers or snipers.

Grappling "runners" are good at evading your attacks. Through fancy footwork and sheer speed, they'll dance around preventing you from executing a good throw.

Movement and Distance

Runners use every bit of space they have--and they need to, with all that backpedaling.

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