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What's Your Fighting Style?
All-around fighters use elements of all styles to beat you.
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• Part 6: Sniper
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Putting It All Together

All-around fighters are the worst opponents to face. With abilities of each of the previous styles under their command, they can slug it out, blitz, counterpunch, lead you on a chase around the ring, or dance in and out with stinging strikes.

Being a great all-around fighter is the goal that every martial artist should strive for. It takes superior training, self-control, and self-knowledge to override your natural runner or slugger tendencies, and adapt to the situation.

If you're a blitzer, the all-around fighter runs. If you're a sniper, he blitzes. You're in trouble.

What To Do

In future articles, we'll discuss strategies for taking on each of these types. For now, assess your natural fighting tendencies. How do they mark you as an opponent? Can your opponents anticipate your attacks, movement, or strategy from the style you display?

Use this knowledge to size up your opponent and design your fight strategy. Sun Tzu said it best: "Know your enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated."

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