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Theft is the most common crime on campus.

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Preventing Non-Violent Crime

Statistics cite theft as the most common crime on campuses. Here's some tips on preventing theft and other non-violent crimes.

Lock 'em Up

Keeping doors locked, especially. outside doors to buildings, is the first line of defense. While some crimes are performed by fellow students, many students won't risk expulsion to steal a CD player. You need to keep the riff-raff out, especially on urban college campuses.

Don't Bring 'em to School

Keep valuables hidden or at home. Those fancy earrings, gold chains, or heirloom watches don't have a place on campus--better to leave them at home with Mom and Dad to watch over.

Easily portable items (mp3 players, laptops, etc.) most likely to be targeted by opportunistic thieves shouldn't be left out in the open--like on a car seat in the parking lot, or in an unattended backpack in the library.

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