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Sparring with Newbies
Limit your techniques to one dimension.

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Hands Off

By sparring one-dimensionally, you limit the techniques you'll use to a single group. Perhaps you'll just throw kicks, while your newbie opponent gets to use hand techniques and kicks. Or you'll limit yourself to just armbar submissions, while your opponent gets to use chokes and leg attacks.

The permutations of one-dimensional sparring are endless. You could attack only from the guard position, forcing you to work on variants of those techniques--whenever you sweep your opponent and gain a more advantageous position, you break and move back to the beginning. Or, you decide to use just the right half of your body--both punches and kicks, while your opponent gets to use her left and right sides.

Be creative! Identify your weak areas, and limit yourself to the point where your weak areas have to improve because they're the only tools you have to use.


  • You spar one-dimensionally, without telling your newbie opponent beforehand.


  • You spar one-dimensionally, and agree with your newbie opponent what your limitations are going to be prior to the sparring set. Your opponent can use their knowledge of your potential attacks against you.

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