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Attending a Martial Arts Seminar, continued

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A seminar can also rejuvenate your zest for training. Whether it's discovering a new, cool technique to try out at your next class, or watching inspiring demonstrations of forms or techniques, seminars give you a new viewpoint on training. It's like travel--seeing how other cultures live and work always expands your vision. You'll see your "same old" training in a new light.

Sambo champion Jody Perry performs a leg lock on his son Jay
photo by the author

Sambo world champion Jody Perry (blue gi) shows two session participants the finer points of leg locks, using son Jay as victim, er, uke (receiver).

How do you find a seminar in your area? Chances are your current instructor knows what's coming up in your area, or knows who to ask. Many times, local schools and martial arts equipment stores will post flyers for upcoming seminars and tournaments. Or, check the Events Calendar here at

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