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Attending a Martial Arts Seminar

Dateline: 08/14/99

Attending a martial arts seminar can expose you to arts you've never seen before, teach you new techniques to incorporate in your workouts, and rejuvenate your zeal for training. Earlier this month, I attended a local seminar, and I found the experience extremely rewarding.

The seminar was the San Jose Gasshuku, a locally produced seminar gathering martial artists from throughout the western United States. The Gasshuku is an annual seminar that has been fortunate enough to draw several famous martial artists as guest instructors, while still retaining a familial atmosphere.

Lua Grandmaster Solomon Kaihewalu shows how to really use an oar.
photo by the author

Lua Grandmaster Solomon Kaihewalu demonstrates the use of the hoe (oar).

The seminar was held at a former high school, with simultaneous sessions in several gyms and meeting halls throughout the campus. Each 70-minute time slot had seven different sessions to choose from, including a special "Kids Corner" for younger martial artists.

The Gasshuku allowed attendees to register as either participants or spectators. Participants definitely had the most fun, as they got hands-on practice in small groups at each session. Many attendees were black belts, but the full-spectrum of belt ranks were on hand, of every permutation of color, stripe, and emblem.


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