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Attending a Martial Arts Seminar, continued

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Seminars are a great way to get instruction from eminent instructors--legends of the martial arts. At the Gasshuku, Professor Wally Jay, founder of Small-Circle JujitsuTM, demonstrated his method of joint manipulation on the main gym mat to a large, appreciative crowd.

Wally Jay demonstrates Small Circle Jujitsu to a large crowd.
photo by the author

The crowd eagerly awaits Professor Wally Jay's demonstration of another painful small-circle jujitsu technique.

Professor Jay obviously loves to teach, and the martial artists attending his session were treated to many demonstrations of his art's "small-circle" techniques, which they got to try out on each other under the watchful gaze of Professor Jay and his assistant instructors. Each technique had Jay's assistant writhing in pain as Jay subtly altered the angle and direction of force. That's one 82-year old guy you wouldn't want to mess with.

One interesting observation from the seminar is that grappling is really, really popular these days. Almost all of the sessions incorporated some grappling/throwing, even the demonstration by the Pacific Coast Shotokan team. That was a juji-gatame (cross armbar) I saw, I'm sure of it. Definitely not your grandfather's shotokan karate.


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