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Why Kids Should Study Martial Arts
Part 12: Summary
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The martial arts offer so many benefits for kids that it seems unbelievable that some parents don't want their kids in the dojo. But thanks to unfavorable impressions of violence on television or in the movies, the martial arts has taken a bad rap.

The solution is to go out and visit the schools in your area. Talk to the instructors. How do they feel their programs benefit kids? Talk to other parents. Have their kids changed for the better because of their martial arts studies?

Yosh Ashizawa, a semiconductor industry executive, has two young sons currently studying taekwondo. "Martial arts has given the boys added discipline," says Ashizawa. "With three boys in the house, things can get pretty unruly, but taekwondo training has definitely helped." Ashizawa, himself a second-degree black belt in hapkido under Grandmaster Han Jae Ji, is extremely positive about the benefits of martial arts training. "I think it's essential," he remarks.

If you're still not convinced, seek out additional information through the resources on this site. Discover what the martial arts have to offer you, and your kids. If they benefit as I have, they'll welcome the start of a fantastic lifelong journey, increased self-esteem, physical fitness, and inner peace.

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