Easily-Concealed Folding Knives

Photo of easily-concealed folding knives
Assorted folding knives that are designed to be opened with one hand.
From top: 12" ruler, Spyderco Cricket, Spyderco Delica, Pacific Cutlery Balisong, CRKT Crawford/Kasper.

I carry the Delica every day--it's small enough to wear with summer shorts or with a suit (or even a tuxedo).

When it comes to carrying a concealed knife, different laws apply in different situations. For example, most U.S. domestic airlines will allow you to carry a folding knife onto the plane provided that the blade is no longer than 3.0 inches. However, when flying internationally, blades with serrated edges (like the Delica above) might get confiscated by airport security.

In the wake of the terrorist hijackings and devastation of the World Trade Center on September 11, undoubtedly all edged weapons will be prohibited from airline travel. Early reports hours after the crashes stated that the hijackers were armed with just knives and cardboard box cutters.

Some locales don't allow large "tactical folders" like the Crawford/Kasper above. Check the laws in your local jurisdictions.

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