Easily-Concealed Fixed-bladed Knives

Photo of easily-concealed folding knives
Two small fixed-bladed knives, intended for concealed carry.
From top: 12" ruler, Pacific Cutlery Jody Sampson Weehawk boot knife, CRKT Stiff KISS.

Most knife fighting experts advocate using a fixed-bladed knife where possible: there's no delay in opening the knife, either from mechanical limitations (speed to open) or dexterity problems under stress (you fumble the opening technique). And the knife can't close during use--for example, onto your fingers.

However, many states and local jurisdictions consider a fixed-bladed knife a "dagger, dirk, or bowie knife"--regardless of its blade shape or grind. Carrying such a knife, even if its blade length is relatively short, like the ones shown above, would be illegal.

In places where fixed-bladed knives are legal to carry concealed, the new "neck carry" method has become popular. Rather than affixing a sheath to the belt (either inside the pants or outside), where it can get in the way of sitting or moving, or to the boot, where it's hard to get into action, you hang the sheath upside down from a necklace. Worn under the shirt, the knife is hard to detect, and using the "Superman" technique (rip the shirt), is moderately accessible.

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