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"Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai"

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"Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai' is one of the best MT books I've seen in a long time. The book covers basic techniques, then moves into ring strategy, conditioning, and other aspects of muay thai.

Authors Mark Van Schuyver and Kru Pedro Solana Villalobos document Thai-style training in detail, providing solo and partner drills. I was very glad to see that this book focused on the Thai methods of conditioning, and didn't waste pages on illustrating how to perform a basic bench press.

One large section of the book is devoted to analyzing your fighting style and suggesting ways to defeat other fighting styles--similar to an an article posted earlier here at About Martial Arts. The authors categorize fighters as one of four types: aggressive, elusive, counter, and tricky, and describe ways to fight each one.

"Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai" is an excellent resource for muay thai fighters and anyone else who wants to train like a muay thai fighter.

Publisher's Page

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