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Tukong Moosul

Tukong moosul takes its name from the elite Tu Kong (Special Combat) commando unit of the South Korean Army. As with the other military martial arts described in this article, the originators of tukong moosul strived to take the best of other martial arts and evolve the techniques into combat-oriented, effective training. Tukong incorporates techniques from other Korean arts like tae kwon do and hapkido, as well as judo and kung fu.

General Chang K. Oe, commander of the Tu Kong unit, enlisted Won Ik Yi from army headquarters and several top fighters from within the Tu Kong unit to develop the training. Won Ik Yi was trained in Shaolin-style martial arts as a child and incorporated many kung fu techniques in the original tukong moosul curriculum. Others, including Tukong Moosul Association Grandmaster In Ki Kim, one of the Tu Kong unit masters, have added techniques in more recent years.

Tukong moosul, like other military martial arts, is all about taking out the enemy. Some of the tukong moosul organizations specifically prohibit children from learning tukong moosul, instead recommending that they study the sport-oriented tae kwon do instead.

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