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Sifu Eddie Chong Teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu: Chi Sao and Sparring Techniques

Published: Xu Media, 1999

Price: $39.95

System Requirements:  Windows 95/98 or NT; Working Multimedia system including: 8x CD ROM; Ability to play .wav & .avi files; Minimum of 800x600 Hi color display, 256 color can work, but will be really ugly; Minimum 32 mgs RAM

Xu Media's latest release, Volume 3 of the Sifu Eddie Chong series, is a great tool for learning wing chun chi sao (sticky hands trapping). 

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The video demonstrates individual techniques used against a partner, as well as mook jong (wooden dummy) practice.

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Techniques and drills have video in multiple camera angles as well as textual instruction. Most videos have Sifu Chong narrating as he executes the techniques.

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Showing the application of a mook jong technique while demonstrating the technique helps make the technique much more real. That's not just a dummy you're striking, it's a real, er, partner.

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This CD is one of the best I've seen thus far. Because of its recent publication, the designers undoubtedly made use of newer technologies in user interface and presentation. Besides these factors though, the consistent use of good camera angles and shot framing (for example, showing hand movements from the waist up rather than using a full-body shot) makes the CD exceptional. Also, I found that the little pop up text notes (the blue text in the screen shots) reinforced the caveats and pointers that Sifu Chong vocalized during each technique. Well done.

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