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Tae Geuk: The Forms of Taekwondo

Published: Tiger Arts Software, 1996

Price: $50.00

System Requirements: IBM compatible 486DX2 or Pentium based computer with 8 megabytes of RAM, Microsoft Windows 3.x/MS-DOS 5.0 or Win95/98 and a CD-ROM drive.

Learning taekwondo forms can be really tough--not only do you have to memorize the sequence of moves in the right order, you also have to concentrate on your delivery and presentation. Books can help, but don't show the transitions between moves as well as video can.

CD-ROM video gives you an additional advantage--not only can you watch the form, but you can often watch it step-by-step, clicking for each new move. Tae Geuk: The Forms of Taekwondo offers this feature, and it's extremely effective. Master Jung Ho Kim demonstrates each form three times: with front view, side view, and step-by-step narrated videos.

Each form is accompanied by a footwork diagram and a list of the new techniques introduced by the form.

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Individual techniques are also covered in their own videos, with Master Kim demonstrating the move in front and side views.

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The narrated videos are the best part of this CD. A voiceover describes each move, and you can watch the form one step at a time.

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The CD also provides a lot of text instruction as well, including a dictionary of taekwondo terminology, with each term spoken in Korean. That's something that would be really hard to learn from a book--the correct pronounciation of terms in a foriegn language.

The CD allows viewing each video in full-screen mode, but I found the resulting experience a bit blurry--ok if you're standing in the middle of the room practicing along with the video, but not if you're sitting in front of your screen. The windowed mode, with the videos at 260 by 200 pixels was fine anyway.

Altogether, the CD is an effective, easily portable way to learn taekwondo forms.

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