Guide Picks - Top 5 Steven Seagal Movies
Steven Seagal rocketed from being one of the highest-ranking aikido instructors outside Japan to a career in action-adventure movies. Seagal burst onto the scene in the late 1980's with his then-revolutionary "Above the Law". Showcasing Seagal's aikido skills, the fight scenes wowed viewers, even those familiar with aikido techniques. Here's my picks for the best Seagal movies available.
1) Under Siege
"Die Hard" on a battleship. Seagal plays a former Navy SEAL, now the cook on the USS Missouri. When the captain's birthday party turns into a terrorist hijacking, you-know-who kicks some butt. Great casting, including Tommie Lee Jones as the lead bad guy, Gary Busey as a crazed mutinous officer, and "Baywatch" star Erika Eleniak as "the girl". Look for shotokan expert Tom Muzila in a bit part.
2) Above the Law
Ex-CIA cop (married to Sharon Stone!) goes after devious bad guys. Seagal shows some supposedly autobiographical exposition in this movie, with flashbacks to working with the CIA in Vietnam and his years studying aikido in Japan. When this came out, viewers used to the punching/kicking in other martial arts movies were amazed at the fluid fight sequences using aikido locks, throws, and breaks.
3) Out for Justice
Cop goes after bad guys. This time in New York City, Seagal goes after William Forsythe as a drugged-out killer. Great pool hall fight scene. Look for John Leguizamo and Gina Gershon in pre-stardom roles, and Jeet Kune Do heir Dan Inosanto as--what else?--a stick-wielding fighter.
4) Marked for Death
Cop goes after drug dealers.This time, Seagal takes on the Jamaican drug trade, including an amped-up kingpin named Screwface. Plenty of gratuitous violence here--after noting the audience reactions to "Above the Law"s bone breaks, the directors added plenty more.
5) Exit Wounds
Cop goes guessed it, yup, more bad guys. Seagal returns to his (sort-of) trim self in his best movie in ten years, as a cop taking on drug dealers (of course). This time though, he's teamed up with rapper DMX for that hip urban edge.
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