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"Disguised Weapons"

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There's a great scene in the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome where Mel Gibson has to turn in his weapons at the "coat check". He pulls out guns, knives, everything but the kitchen sink, placing an innocent-looking switch in his mouth to free his hands. Later in the film we see that the innocent-looking switch actually conceals a blade--that he then uses to his advantage.

"Disguised Weapons" is all about such devices. Author Craig S. Meissner, a veteran NYPD cop, describes over 80 such weapons.

Meissner shows you the sneaky screwdriver gun, the lighter pistol, and the deadly credit card knife. Although it sounds like a James Bond movie, a lot of the weapons covered in Disguised Weapons" are commonly available through mail order and Web sites, which is either an alarming or comforting thought, depending on how you feel about such things.

The best thing about "Disguised Weapons" is that it makes you aware of the potential for innocent-looking devices to carry deadly edges or chemicals. Cops, airport screeners, and other secruity professionals should definitely check out this book--you'll be amazed at the stuff that's out there.

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